Main terminal

Birmingham Southworth international airport has only one single terminal for both arriving and departing flights. The terminal is divided into a couple of floors.


On the ground level, you can find the baggage claim facilities, fin ground transportation options such as taxi, bus or car rentals, and pick up and drop off options.

Other services available on the ground level are airport offices, police stations, nursing rooms, meeting rooms, animal relief areas, help desk, ATMs, payphones, toilets, many airline offices. There are also other amenities provided, such as restaurants and cafes.

Passengers can access the upper level by lifts and escalators.

Upper level

Upper-level houses have check-in facilities. Also, you can find a corridor that links boarding gates and three concourses to the main terminal.

BHM Services available at the Upper level, including a business center, charging stations, ticketing, and check-in, function and prayer rooms, security checkpoint, animal relief area, ATMs, toilets, shoeshine, nursing room, family restrooms, and observation deck. Restaurants and cafes are also available.